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Ousainou Bojang’s Lawyer Expresses Frustration As He Struggles To See His Client

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Abdoulie Sanyang, Inspector General Of Police & Lamin J. Darbo, Legal Practitioner for Ousainou Bojang

By Buba Gagigo 

Lamin J. Darbo, the Lawyer representing Ousainou Bojang, has expressed frustration over being denied access to his client, whom he claims is still not held in remand at Mile 2 contrary to a judicial order.

“I write to register my extreme disappointment at the conduct of some officers stationed at the police Anti Crime Headquarters located at Banjulunding. Having obtained instructions from his family to represent Mr Ousainou Bojang (Mr Bojang) the alleged murderer of two on-duty police officers at the Sukuta Traffic Lights on 12th September 2023, I made efforts to locate and conference with him yesterday afternoon.

“On my way to Banjulunding where I learnt he was kept, a Clerk of Dabanani Chambers alerted me that one Mr. Bojang was being arraigned at Kanifing Magistrates court. By the time I reached the court, he was remanded at the State Central Prison, Mile 2 (Mile 2). Upon arrival and enquiry at Mile 2 about 13:57 hours, I was informed at the gate reception that Mr. Bojang was not in custody there,” Lawyer J. Darboe said.

He explained that drawing from his prior experiences, he chose to visit the anti-crime unit’s offices at Banjulinding to inquire if his client might be held there. He then proceeded to recount his interaction with the personnel at that location upon his arrival.

“One “inspector Badjie” told me I needed to leave the compound so he could consult with the panel interrogating Mr Bojang as to whether I could see him. I refused on the grounds the office is public property and vast enough to allow inspector Badjie to privately consult with the panel whilst I wait at the open-air reception desk,” he explained.

He recounted that at About 15:10 hours, an officer Corr volunteered to check with the panel and returned within minutes to say it was busy with Mr. Bojang and that he (Lawyer J Darboe) could see him later but said Officer Corr specifically warned he could not tell when that would be. 

“He too insisted I should leave the compound by escorting me outside.”

The veteran attorney expressed his distress regarding his encounter at the anti-crime unit, condemning what he described as the police’s clear disregard for a court order. Instead of remanding Mr. Bojang at Mile 2 prisons as ordered by the judiciary, they brought him in for questioning. He lamented his client’s lack of access to legal counsel while facing serious accusations.

“An accused in such a heinous crime notwithstanding, Mr Bojang was entitled to the constitutional right presuming him innocent, as well as the right to access legal counsel. The greatest failing of the police was that a court order was blatantly violated When Mr. Bojang was taken to the Anti Crime Offices at Banjulinding for further questioning when he was expressly judicially remanded at Mile 2. How your officers interfere with the public is central to national security and you must build a culture of openness, dignity, and fairness within the police for large confidence in this critical institution. As of this morning, Mr Bojang is still not at Mile 2,” Lawyer Lamin J. Darboe concluded.

Lawyer Lamin J. Darbo is the lawyer representing Ousainou Bojang who stands accused of shooting and killing two paramilitary officers at Sukuta Traffic Lights.

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