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“My First priority is free Education”- Independent Aspirant

Bankuleh Yawu Jojo
Presidential Aspirant


By Buba Gagigo

Bankole Yao Jojo Ahadzie, independent aspirant for December 4 presidential polls has said that free Education will be his first priority if elected in office next December.

“The first thing I believe in, is free education and I said that because I have seen schools where pupils have to drop out because of financial problems. Their parents cannot afford to pay for them and these pupils are much [more] clever than me and you, but they have to drop out. Imagine a Gambia where no child has to pay for education, while you are getting educated; but when you graduate and you are productive and you are working, you contribute back the fund that funded your education,” he said.

Aside from the free education policy, the dreadlocks politician also promised to legalise Marijuana or cannabis, and change the unlimited presidential term in the 1997 Constitution to one-term but he did not specify the length of the one-term.

Ahadzie made these remarks at the maiden press conference he organised on Friday at a local hotel in Senegambia.

Bankole Yao Jojo Ahadzie also called ‘Banky’, is aspiring to be an independent candidate in the 4th December presidential election; although, he is not yet formally endorsed by the Independent Electoral Commission [IEC]. But his candidature is expected to be approved by the commission before the polls.

Mr. Ahadzie is 43, born in Banjul and attended Gambia High School, now Gambia Senior Secondary School in 1996 and Brunel University in the United Kingdom in 2005. He worked at The Gambia Technical Training Institute [GTTI] in the past and currently, works at the Medical Res

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