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Kusun Village Complaints Of Road Construction Posing Them Challenges


By Buba Gagigo

Kusun Village in Kantora District in the Upper River Region has complained that the ongoing road construction in the region poses a lot of challenges to their village as they are not able to easily access a lot of facilities due to the height of the road.

The villagers lodged the complaint to Kerr Fatou on phone that the development poses them a challenge when it comes to access to water, mosque, movement, among others.

Sarjo Jaiteh the village adviser said they are happy with the road construction, but it turned out to be a problem for their village.

“We are happy with the road construction, but it turned out to be a problem for our village. Our materials are being destroyed, [and] nothing is replaced. Reaching out to one another is difficult. We don’t have enough water, and going out to the mosque is the same,” Mr Jaiteh complained.

Mr Jaiteh says they cannot easily access the facilities he listed because of the height of the road under construction; saying that those facilities are found on the other side of the road.

Sarjo who was speaking on behalf of the Alkalo also said that they find it difficult to access their farms and to transport to their home, what they harvest due to the height of road being constructed.

Also complaining was Alpha Maiga, the Chairman of the village development association [VDC].

“We have tried all the ways to reach the government, but we couldn’t. Still we are appealing to the government. We don’t need any other thing. Let them just reduce the height of the road. We have written to them [government] several times. We have all the copies of the correspondence here. Let them know that we are also part of The Gambia,” the VDC Chairman asserted.


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