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Mayor Talib corrects mistakes in response to Amul Nyassy

Talib Bensouda, lord mayor of KM

Talib Bensouda, the mayor for Kanifing Municipality, has made corrections in his response to Amul Nyassy, the chairperson of the National Assembly Select Committee on Local Government.

Bensouda kept referring to Nyassy as the chair of the PAC/PEC, a parliamentary committee that is now divided into two.

Below is the statement:

I want to make a correction to my statement made yesterday on 3rd August 2018

The committee concerned is not PAC/PEC but the Select Committee on Regional Government, Lands, Ombudsman and IEC. I regret the error and would like to assure the PAC/PEC that it was inadvertent.

I want to also make clear that my response to the statements made by the Chairman of the Select Committee on Local Government were in no way meant to tarnish the image of the committee or an attack on their dignity.

Some media outlets have also misconstrued my message by broadening the scope of my statement to include parliamentarians and the National Assembly. This is incorrect. I would never attack the House. As mentioned before in my message, I have high regard for the National Assembly. My message was in response, and limited to the Chairman of the Committee whom I believe launched an attack on my integrity.

My statement was meant to clear the air about the communications between the committee and myself and to let it be known that I am a staunch supporter of the committee in question and would never undermine or avoid their sessions because I believe their work enhances my own work.

The Gambia is going through a transformational and challenging process. I believe as political leaders our duty to the citizens must surpass partisan politics. We must lead by example and always focus on delivering the new Gambia that we all fought for. KMC under my leadership will give its maximum support to ensure we conduct a full investigation on the financial malpractices and corrupt dealings that have crippled our municipality.



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