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Mama Jabbi Testifies in Court, Recounts Encounter with Suspected PIU Officers’ Killer in Jululung

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Mama Jabbi State witness

By Landing Ceesay 

Mama Jabbi, the third witness to testify in the trial of Ousainou Bojang, who is accused of killing two members of the Police Intervention Unit (PIU), has described her encounter with the suspect in Jululung, a village in Cassamance.

Presenting herself as both a marabout and a businesswoman, Mama Jabbi informed the court that Bojang approached her at her residence in Jululung. Their meeting occurred on a Wednesday, a day after the alleged murder of the PIU officers.

According to Mama Jabbi’s testimony, Ousainou Bojang had left the Gambia, visited the Jululung garage, and sought assistance from the garage head, explaining that an unfortunate incident had occurred. Subsequently, Mama Jabbi asserted that Ousainou Bojang was provided with a motorcycle named Jakarta to reach her house.

“”They provided Ousainou Bojang with a motorcycle service, called Jakarta to come to my residence. As Jakarta dropped him off at my residence, I was lying down talking on the phone. When he alighted from the motorcycle, I was shocked at his appearance and lost my mind. I confided in my friend, expressing my belief that something was amiss. Ousainou Bojang disclosed to me, ‘I am seeking your assistance with an armlet and financial support to travel to Ziguinchor. I am the one responsible for the demise of two police officers, and the other is currently hospitalized.’

“Following this revelation, Ousainou Bojang expressed his desire to perform ablution. I provided him with water and a prayer mat, although he did not engage in prayer. Seated on the mat, he implored, ‘Aunty, please help me; my life has been shattered.’ I inquired about his name and address. He replied that he was Ousainou Bojang from Brufut. I proceeded to capture a photograph of him and record his voice,” testified Mama Jabbi in court.

Continuing her testimony, Mama Jabbi informed the court that while attempting to take a photograph, Ousainou Bojang requested that she refrain from capturing his image. However, she assured him that she was not photographing him.

Mama Jabbi recounted that Ousainou Bojang subsequently sought her assistance, but she declined, explaining that the act of killing someone was beyond the realm of extreme behavior.

Mama Jabbi further testified that she instructed Ousainou Bojang to remain seated and await her return. She explained that this was the moment she departed the scene and proceeded outside to contact the Senegalese Police.

“When I contacted the Senegalese Police, I inquired about their knowledge regarding the killing in the Gambia. They confirmed their awareness, and I informed them that the perpetrator was present with me. The Senegalese Police requested his photo and voice note, to which I confirmed possession and promptly sent it to them. Subsequently, they instructed me to wait discreetly without alerting the individual, Ousainou Bojang, that they were approaching. As we sat there, the police arrived, handcuffed him, and took him into custody,” testified Mama Jabbi.

When questioned about whether Ousainou Bojang had informed her of his involvement in the killing of police officers, Mama affirmed and informed the court that Bojang had confessed to killing two officers, while the third was hospitalized.

Mama Jabbi recounted that she immediately contacted Musa Camara, an employee of the Gambia Revenue Authority (GRA), to notify him that the individual responsible for the Gambia incident was in Jululung with her.

In her court testimony, Mama Jabbi added that Musa Camara instructed her to await his call to the Gambian Police. Following his call, the police directed her to meet them in Giboro.

Mama Jabbi stated that she travelled from Jululung to Giboro using a Jakarta. Upon reaching Giboro, the Gambian Police placed her in their vehicle, and together they returned to Jululung.

“I accompanied the Gambian Police to the Jululung Police Station and then stepped away while they discussed matters with their Senegalese counterparts. Upon concluding their conversation, the Gambian and Senegalese Police officers, along with Ousainou Bojang, gathered for a photograph while I remained seated. Ousainou Bojang was then escorted to the border by Senegalese Police officers. Subsequently, Gambian Police officers took custody of Ousainou Bojang, and we all proceeded to The Gambia,” she explained in her testimony.

During Mama Jabbi’s testimony, she mentioned that in Jululung, Ousainou Bojang requested to borrow her phone for a call to his sister. However, she informed him that she didn’t have any credit. Mama Jabbi concluded giving her evidence, and the case was adjourned by Hon. Justice Ebrima Jaiteh of the High Court of the Gambia until November 20, 2023, for cross-examination.

Background of the Case 

On September 21, 2023, Ousainou and Amie Bojang made their initial appearance before Principal Magistrate Omar Jabang of the Kanifing Magistrates’ Court, facing charges related to the shooting incident at Sukuta Jabang Traffic Lights, which resulted in the tragic deaths of two PIU officers and severe injury to another on September 12, 2023.

The police had initially levelled four charges against the accused, including two murder charges, an act of terrorism charge, and an accessory after the fact to murder charge. Subsequently, Principal Magistrate Omar Jabang transferred the murder trial to the Special Criminal Division of the High Court of The Gambia.

On October 12, 2023, the case was presented before Hon. Justice Ebrima Jaiteh of the High Court of The Gambia.

On October 19, 2023, the State brought six charges against Ousainou Bojang, the prime suspect in the deaths of two Police Intervention Unit (PIU) officers, and a single charge against his elder sister, Amie Bojang.

On October 24, 2023, both Ousainou Bojang and Amie Bojang entered pleas of not guilty to the charges. 

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