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MAJaC, in Collaboration with Partners, Launches ‘Unlock Potentials to Combat Irregular Migration’ Initiative

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Group photo after the official launch of the project

By Buba Gagigo

The Media Academy for Journalism and Communication (MAJaC) joined forces with partners on Monday to launch the “Unlock Potentials to Combat Irregular Migration” project. This initiative aims to equip Gambian youth with life and employable skills, particularly in media-related fields, to deter them from seeking dangerous migration routes.

Sang Mendy, Managing Director of MAJaC, highlighted the project’s aim to empower Gambian youth with essential life and employable skills, fostering their active citizenship and contributing to both individual and national futures. This initiative, he noted, aligns with government initiatives for training and job creation.

Mendy emphasized that the project’s focus on media-related capacity-building training will tackle the underlying causes of irregular migration effectively.

“The intervention will address the root causes of irregular migration through media-related capacity-building training,” Sang Mendy said.

Furthermore, MAJaC will assume dual roles within the project, acting as both a secretariat and resource center for the CSO coalition against Irregular Migration, and providing training in various media-related fields such as Film and Photography, Digital Media Production and Management, and Communication.

“Serving as a secretariat and resource center for the CSO coalition against Irregular migration. MAJaC will also serve as a provider of life and employability skills in media-related fields such as Film and Photography, Digital Media Production, and Management and Communication,” he said.

Ismaila Danso, Deputy Permanent Secretary at the Ministry of Trade, Industry, Regional Integration and Employment, stressed the importance of multi-stakeholder involvement in combating irregular migration. He lauded MAJaC’s initiative as a valuable complement to government efforts in this area.

“It is therefore very important that MAJaC came up with this Project to play its part in complementing the Government’s efforts in curbing irregular migration. The Ministry of Trade, Industry, Regional Integration and Employment appreciates your effort in this direction. The Government of The Gambia recognizes the importance of migration and the contribution of our diaspora population to our national development, as evidenced in the volume of remittances to the country,” he said.

Marianne Frederiksen, Project Manager of Gambia Media Support, underscored the pressing issue of youth unemployment in The Gambia. She highlighted the project’s objective to create opportunities for youth, equip potential migrants with media-related skills and entrepreneurship, and inspire positive change.

“The project “Unlock Potentials to Combat Irregular Migration” is also seeking to create opportunities for the youth and to equip potential migrants with media-related skills and entrepreneurship. Representing an NGO, it is not our role to take up the responsibility of the government, but rather to make a showcase of how changes can be made. The ambition is to equip the youth enrolled in the programme with skills, so they can shape their own future and sustain their living. The ambition is high, but after partnering with MAJaC and the Gambian Press Union for many years, we know that the organizations here are able to create the results,” she said.

In collaboration with a coalition of Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) representing various sectors including youth, migrant returnees, women, and families, MAJaC aims to develop effective strategies to combat irregular migration. The project will empower 16 CSO staff members with comprehensive communication and advocacy skills to conduct proactive and innovative anti-irregular migration campaigns.

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