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Kurang Likens Voting For PDOIS To Voting For “Truth”

Alhaji Mamadi Kurang
Former independent presidential aspirant who endorsed PDOIS

By Landing Ceesay 

Former independent presidential aspirant Alhaji Mamadi Kurang whose nomination was rejected by the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) said voting for the People’s Democratic Organisation for Independence and Socialism (PDOIS) means voting for the ‘truth’. 

“There is plenty of knowledge in the Gambia that can develop this country. Now that the election time is just at the corner, looking into each other’s eyes before voting is no more there. If you vote once, you won’t vote again till the next five years. So if you’re voting on December 4th for the candidate who has the knowledge and technical know-how to develop this country, and that’s Halifa Sallah, the PDOIS candidate. ‘Halifa Sallah said if you elect him as the President of this country, he will only serve one term and step down and within that one term he will bring about the change every Gambian is yearning for’. So you should trust him with the position and vote for him because he is ready to work for this country. So voting for PDOIS means voting for the truth. So the people of Gunjur I am urging all of you to come out on December 4th to vote for the truth,” he said. 

Kurang claimed that the PDOIS is the only political party that goes out and defends the poor and marginalized people in the communities.

He added that the electorates should know the track-records of the candidate they are voting for in the December 4 Presidential election.

“The candidate you are voting for, as an electorate you should know his or her competence, knowledge and track record. You should know which candidate has a solution to the country’s economic problems. PDOIS is the only party that identifies our economic problems and the solution to them. PDOIS is the only party that goes out and defends the poor and marginalised people of our communities. We have seen Halifa Sallah, Sedia Jatta, Ousman Sillah and Suwaibou Touray all stood at the National Assembly to fight for our constitutional rights to vote and to be voted for in any election,” the former independent presidential aspirant told the people of Gunjur on Saturday at the PDOIS meeting in the community.

The PDOIS Party is currently embarking on a nationwide tour as part of its presidential campaign.

The tour that began on November 9 will run-up until two days before the December 4 election.

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