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Baxso Jaiteh Joins APRC-NPP Exchange

APRC supporter Bakary Jaiteh alias Field-marshal General Baxso

By Buba Gagigo

APRC’s Bakary Jaiteh (Field-marshal or General Baxso) has come to the defense of APRC deputy spokesperson Dodou Jah being critiqued by many people since a flyer emerged on social media suggesting his (Jah) intention to run for the Kanifing Municipality Mayoral seat under APRC ticket next year.

Dodou Jah however denied making the said flyer making the rounds on social media but did not rule-out the possibility of joining the race.

Following the rumour and a subsequent interview Jah granted a local radio on the matter, NPP’s Pa Njie Girigara requested APRC to issue a statement and clear the air on Dodou Jah’s statement.

Basco Jaiteh, a strong APRC supporter and defender has now joined the exchange between the NPP and APRC, and spoke in defence of Dodou Jah.

“We are keeping quiet because of the respect between Fabakay and President Barrow, not you people (NPP Supporters). Let us respect each other. Since the presidential election, the respect between Fabakay Tombong Jatta and President Barrow is working; but is not working under (between the coalition militants). A lot of disrespect has happened to APRC, but (we) decided to let go because of President Barrow. 

“We are aware of everything going on. But we swallowed everything because we are not greedy. To say you have positions to make us angry is not it, because we are very content ‘Belie’. If you think you can kill APRC, it cannot work. Every human being can make a mistake, but it doesn’t mean everyone will come, Dodou Jah, Dodou Jah, Dodou Jah. Dodou Jah is also from a party, he also has people behind him, he is from elders,” Basco said in audio obtained by Kerr Fatou. 

The APRC strong man called on his coalition partner (NPP) to accord the elders of his party the same respect they are giving to the NPP leadership.

“Let them respect our elders the way we respect theirs. Mr Girigara is an executive committee member and he has influence in the NPP. If he comes out talking, let me tell you if we test our powers all of us will be losers and that doesn’t favour all of us,” he said.

Mr Jaiteh also denied a claim by NPP’s Pa Njie Girigara that APRC did not support their candidates in Kombos during the last Parliamentary Election.

“Girigara said Dodou Jah’s statement means APRC didn’t support candidates in the Kombos, that’s a ‘blue lie’. Piere Minteh is APRC and he is the campaign chairman for Serekunda. Ask your people. Rambo Jatta is the deputy party chairperson of APRC and he is the campaign manager at Bakau end. Our councillor at Abuko Palamin Gibba, just ask Saikou Marong, he took him everywhere. Ask Serekunda West about Sam Jatta,” he continued.

Baxco Jaiteh alleged that some of the NPP militants close to President Adama Barrow are not telling him the truth, adding that the NPP should solve their inner fighting problems before attacking APRC.

“You are going to President Barrow and making him lose by telling him you (NPP) do this and that. This is an insult to APRC and we have the right to tell you. We told you during the Parliamentary Election, but you insist. ‘Billahi Wallahi’ we are not sons that anyone can threaten just like that. President Barrow is not owned by either NPP or APR. He belongs to all of us. Solve the problems of your party because you are fighting one another.

“Even in the councillor election, I am very happy to say it’s APRC who made it happen whether you like it or not. Come out and tell me, if I am lying. We are aware of all the secret meetings you are doing. You are doing these meetings because you said Dr Sabally is appointed who came not long ago. You said Seedy Njie is an APRC enabler and Fabakay Tombong Jatta,” he concluded.

The Alliance for Patriotic Reorientation and Construction (APRC) party agreed to join the National Peoples’ Party (NPP) led coalition for the 4th December   2021 presidential election.

The two parties have signed a Memorandum of Understanding on 2nd September 2021, after five weeks of negotiation.

The coalition won the last presidential election but had a disappointing Parliamentary Election, after NPP secured only 18 seats out of its 40 candidates and APRC secured 2 out of 5 candidates nominated. 

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