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Kandeh Insists Jammeh Will Speak At GDC Rally


Mama Kandeh
Gambia Democratic Congress

By Buba Gagigo

The Leader of the Gambia Democratic Congress (GDC) Mama Kandeh has said that former president Yahya Jammeh will speak at their Thursday meeting; saying he is not a man who can be threatened by President Adama Barrow.

Mama’s comment came after President Adama Barrow a day before, warned him against allowing the exiled former President Yahya Jammeh to speak at GDC rallies, before he (Barrow) called on the Independent Electoral Commission to intervene.

“I had what he said. He said no one is above the law, that is a hard fact. He said there is a Government in place, I also a hard fact. But what I will respond to Adama Barrow is tomorrow Yahya Jammeh will speak in a meeting. Because he said if it happens again, he will make sure the law takes it course on me. I am waiting for that law tomorrow (Thursday). I heard him bragging that he sprayed tear gas to 3 Years Jotna. I heard him say it’s a problem that solves a problem. He said when he fought with 3 years Jotna, they died. I am also waiting for him to kill me. But I will tell him, Adama knows, Mama knows and Adama knows Mama, if it goes up to end Adama is just my griot. 

“I am not a person that someone can threaten. I don’t have any business with him. If we do anything wrong during this campaign that is between us and IEC not Adama Barrow. If he doesn’t understand the law, let him ask people who know the law. I have never broken any law since the establishment of the GDC. He is the one who will make a law and break it. If he doesn’t understand the law let him ask the Minister of Justice that he is with right now. We have not violated any law. He already knows that he has lost the election. If Yahya Jammeh shouldn’t speak in meetings, how many audios of Yahya Jammeh are circulation since he left? He cannot denied that,” he said.

The GDC leader also questioned the timing of President Adama Barrow’s complaint for former president Yahya Jammeh to stop talking into Gambian politics.

“Yahya Jammeh did a meeting in Kanilai, Gunjur and Adama Barrow did not say anything then. Why on GDC meeting? I will tell him his chest beating is like when a cat is beating his chest. Every Gambian has the right to belong to any political party. Is it today that he is knowing Gambians outside the country should not be part of our politics? In 2016, it is the Gambians in the Diaspora who gave him money for his campaign.

“I will tell him that I am not a man that you can threaten. If you want we can do the campaign in peace. We do not want any problem. If he wants peace, I give him a hand of peace. But that is, if he agrees. If he doesn’t not agree, that is on him. But that doesn’t mean we will allow you to step on top of our nose. We have not offended anyone; we have not broken any law. I told you some people know they will not win, but they want to take sand and put it on top of the meal. I am telling him tomorrow Yahya will talk and whatever you will do to me I will wait for it,” he concluded.

Mama’s response came after President Adama Barrow on Tuesday warned the opposition Gambia Democratic Congress leader Mamma Kandeh against inviting the exiled former President Yahya Jammeh to his platforms and called on the Independent Electoral Commission to intervene.

The political rivalry between the duo started in 2007, when Kandeh under the APRC ticket defeated Barrow as a UDP candidate at the parliamentary election in 2007; and Barrow as Coalition 2016 candidate defeated both Kandeh and Jammeh in the 2016 presidential election.

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