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Minister Sillah Responds To Faal’s Claim Against NPP


Ebrima Sillah
Minister of Information and Communication Infrastructure

By Landing Ceesay

The Minister of Information and Communication Infrastructure Ebrima Sillah has described Essa Faal’s claim that NPP is engaging in ‘dirty’ politics as “cry-babies”.

“I think some of these losers in the political trend should give us time, should give us our peace and let them stop being ‘cry babies’. You are not attracting any crowd anywhere. You have no support based anywhere. Now what you want to do, you are laying the fertile ground so that people will think that this election was not held in a manner as enshrined in the electoral court of this country. They will all fail in this mischievous misinformation that they are engaged in. The parties that are serious about their politics are conducting their politics and they are on the terrain doing their politics in the manner as enshrined in our Constitution.

“We don’t believe in violence, we don’t believe in obstructing other political parties and we don’t condone it at any level. We are confident of what we are doing. We are going round all of this country canvassing for votes in a very civil manner. So I want to assure you that Essa Faal. And I want to debunk his statement that we (NPP) are engaging in ‘dirty’ tricks. Now, let him come out fully with those statements and (pieces of) evidence of the NPP being involved in ‘dirty’ politics or ‘dirty’ tricks in this country. It is so disappointing that a lawyer of his calibre could come out and say such a thing to the media without coming out with proof. The IEC is here as the referee and we all have confidence in the IEC. If what he (Essa Faal) is saying is true, then what is stopping him from bringing those (pieces of) evidence and laying them before the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC)?” Minister Sillah West Coast Radio morning current affairs show in an interview.

Essa Mbye Faal, the Independent Presidential candidate shortly after submitting his nomination papers to the IEC during the nomination process told the media that President Barrow’s National People’s Party (NPP) have been playing ‘dirty politics’ on him since he (Essa Faal) joined the political arena.

Both President Barrow, leader of the National People’s Party (NPP) and Essa Mbye Faal, independent presidential candidate are currently on a nationwide vote canvassing tour ahead of the December 4 election.

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