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Journalist Taylor Explains His Ordeal After His Release On Bail

Yusef D. Taylor
Journalist and Editor of Gainako online newspaper

By Buba Gagigo

Journalist Yusef D. Taylor (Flex Dan) who was earlier today arrested and detained at the Senegambia Police Station, then  released on bail after the intervention of the Gambia Press union has explained his ordeal.

“I have been released right now. I am on my way going home,” he said.

Asked what led to his arrest, detention and charge; he explained: “Basically I got there (Senegambia Police Station). I tried to get pictures of Nenneh’s injuries on her fingers. The officer stopped and said I should show my press ID, which I did. He refused me to take pictures. We were discussing and they started pushing and pulling. I think with Killa Ace, things started to get out of hand. Then they wanted us to leave the station. We refused to leave the station, because we were there to observe what was happening. They were pushing us; but we were refusing. It got to a stage where one officer decided to rush me into the station and that’s where they charged me with obstructing an officer. While I was at the station before they charged me, one of their guys confronted me and tore my shirt. After that, they charged me and put me in to the cell.”

The Editor of Gainako online newspaper was at the Senegambia police station to cover the arrest of Nenneh Freda Gomez and Lamin Sey, staff of Global Home of Medical Mission. 

The duo were earlier today arrested by the police and taken to the Police Station in connection to their reclaiming of a property in Bijilo belonging to their organization .

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