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Jammeh Accuses Barrow of Destroying His 22-year Work

Former President Yahya Jammeh


By Buba Gagigo

Former President Yahya Jammeh while addressing his supporters in Gunjur yesterday accused President Barrow’s government of destroying his 22-year work in four years.

“You know they rigged the election, they did not win. Many countries supported them. In less than four years, they destroyed all the work I did for 22 years and Jawara’s 31 years. What I want to assure is, anybody who wants to lead a country and is a tribalist; don’t give the country to him because he is going to divide the country. He is not going to see himself as a citizen, he is going to work on tribal sentiment and that can even lead to conflict in the country,” Jammeh said.

Former president Yahya Jammeh made the allegation against his successor while addressing his supporters in Gunjur on Saturday for the second time in ten days.   


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