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“It’s False” Kandeh Denies Barrow’s Claim Of Offering Him Vice President Post In 2016

Mama Kandeh
Gambia Democratic Congress Leader


By Buba Gagigo

The Secretary General and leader of Gambia Democratic Congress (GDC) has labbed as “false” President Barrow’s claim that he [Barrow] offered him [Mama] position of the Vice President in 2016, ahead of the election.

“That is false, number one. Number two, Barrow came to me in 2016 when he was selected as the candidate for UDP. Then the coalition was not even formed. He wanted me to come and support them at party level, which is UDP. And I told him Barrow, I cannot do that and you know you cannot even get one percent in this country without the support of UDP. I have my party as somebody from Jimira, and you are also a resident of Jimira, why not you come and join me. How can he offer me Vice President when he did not win the election? And it was after that they went in for this coalition and he was lucky to be coalition candidate,” Kandeh explained when asked whether he turned down the vice president’s position in 2016.

Kandeh who was speaking to Kerr Fatou from his residence in Jimira also challenged  Barrow to tell people when that offer took place.

“I cannot remember when I sat with President Barrow and he offered me anything, for any position, being the vice presidency or any other position. I can’t remember that, but if Barrow remembers when we sat and discussed, then he can clear the air for the Gambian people to know where have I sad with him and what have we discussed or when he offered me the position of a vice president,” Kandeh to Kerr Fatou

Star Fm/TV reported on Monday that President Barrow claimed that during his bid for presidency in 2016, he approached Mama Kandeh to support him, in exchange for the post of Vice President, upon victory; a claim Mama Kandeh denied

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