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IMF Renews Its Commitment To Serving In Gambia

Ivohasina Fizara Razafimahefa, IMF Chief of Mission to The Gambia speaking at the new IMF office in Senegambia along Bertil Harding Highway on 28th March 2022

By Landing Ceesay

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has renewed its commitment to continue serving in The Gambia for the benefit of the populace.

“…The IMF is committed to continuing and expanding our engagement in The Gambia for the benefit of The Gambian population. This office is part of our long-term vision of establishing a strong presence in The Gambia with a view and renewed commitment to continue serving the government and people of The Gambia,” the IMF Chief of Mission to The Gambia, Ivohasina Fizara Razafimahefastated.

Mr. Razafimahefa highlighted some engagements by the International Monetary Fund in the Gambia.

“The IMF, as a partner of The Gambia, started our re-engagement with a staff monitored programme in recent year, approved an Extended Credit Facility of 47 million US$ in early 2020, and added subsequently 28 million US$, provided a Rapid Credit Facility of 21 million US$, provided debt service relief under the CCRT for US$11 million, and concluded three reviews of the Extended Credit Facility. We are here in Banjul to conduct the fourth review of the Extended Credit Facility,” he said.

Commenting on the country’s traffic-jam, the IMF Chief of Mission said, it gives him happiness and a sense of ‘optimism about a dynamic economy’.

“I have been here only for one day but I can see and can feel the dynamism of the economy. In some countries I worked in the past, you land at the airport and arrive very rapidly at the hotel. On Saturday, it took us quite a long time to drive from the airport to the hotel because of the traffic jam. Other people may be frustrated by traffic jams, but it made me happy and gave me a sense of optimism about a dynamic economy. It also gave me the opportunity to learn from Mr. Barry about the several new buildings constructed along the road, which strengthened my sense of optimism even more,” Mr. Razafimahefa said.

The IMF Chief said the progress is the fruit of strong efforts by all Gambians and their leaders, in collaboration with development partners; adding that the progress that the country has made during the last few years has been impressive from the social, political, and economic perspectives.

The IMF Chief of Mission to The Gambia made these remarks at the official opening of the IMF new office in Senegambia that took place on Monday along Bertil Harding Highway.

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