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Honorable Omar Ceesay Advocates for the Transformation of Gambia’s Political Parties

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Hon. Omar Ceesay, Former MP For Niamina East

By Buba Gagigo 

A former National Assembly member for Niamina East constituency, Hon. Omar Ceesay, has called for the rebranding of existing political parties in The Gambia.

In his statement, Hon. Ceesay highlighted the challenges faced by many of the current political parties. He emphasized that these parties suffer from a lack of visibility and relevance in the public domain due to their longstanding association with specific individuals. Notably, parties such as the UDP, GDC, GMC, NRP, PPP, NCP, and PDOIS have been closely tied to the leadership of a single person who consistently contests presidential races.

“Most Existing Political Parties In The Gambia Are Suffering Before The Public Domain Due To The Longstanding Political Nature In Which They Are Known To Be Represented, Including The GDC, UDP, etc. Before The Public eyes, Individual Parties Such as the UDP, GDC, GMC, NRP, PPP, NCP, PDOIS, etc. were And Are Still Seen Under The Leadership Of A Single Person Who contests in Almost every Presidential Race For Far Too Long,” Hon. Ceesay said.

Furthermore, Hon. Ceesay pointed out that some political parties are perceived as being owned by their leaders. Additionally, they are often labeled, branded, or associated with specific tribes, religions, or groups of individuals by the public.

“For instance, UDP Is Associated with The Mandinkas; GDC, NRP, and NPP As the Fulas, And PDOIS Wollofs. This is The Status Quo Of Current Political Realities And until Such Parties Are Rebranded Or flushed these misconceptions, We are not moving anywhere as parties and the Country At Large. The youth must realize these political challenges affecting various parties to Begin The Change From Our Respective Parties,” he said.

Honorable Omar Ceesay is recognized for his service as the National Assembly member representing the Niamina East constituency.

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