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‘He Has No Moral Standing To Call Anyone Inconsistent’ -MC Cham Jr Responds To Saihou Mballow

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MC Cham Jr GDC Campaign Chairman And Saikou Mballow Presidential Adviser on Political Affairs.

By Buba Gagigo

MC Cham Jr, the Campaign Manager of the Gambia Democratic Congress (GDC) says Saihou Mballow does not have any moral standing to call anyone inconsistent.

In response to comments made on Star FM by the presidential adviser on political affairs, MC Cham took a tour through Mr. Mballow’s political metamorphosis through the years.

“How many derogatory comments and attacks has he made on President Barrow and his government before joining him as a political adviser? You were the first Gambian in the Diaspora to call for a protest against the Barrow government for a prompt appointment of Vice President in 2017. Saihou Mballow you were first a member of the UDP, then GDC, and now NPP. It seems like he has been the one flying like a bee to find where he can find benefits as a bee would for honeycomb,” he said.

The GDC Campaign Manager said Saihou is a political adviser to the president to serve the best interest of Gambians and not his personal interests. 

“I MC Cham do the contrary by giving free advice without the taxpayer’s money for the interest of the people. My Colour is Gambia and my Party is Gambia Democratic Congress (GDC) for your information. We stand for the truth regardless of who it belongs to, be it a party or an individual. We will not allow anyone to manipulate us into a UDP Vs NPP but a National interest as the Gambia is bigger than these two parties. My advice to Saihou is that he was a political activist and now a government official, he should reflect and see where he is going wrong and listen to critics than being defensive and dishonest,” MC Cham Jr responded.

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