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GDC Admin Secretary Accuses MC Cham Jr Of Undermining Party for 2 Years

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GDC Admin Secretary One and MC Cham Jr

By Buba Gagigo

Ebrima Nyang, the Administrative Secretary of the Gambia Democratic Congress (GDC), has leveled accusations against former GDC Campaign Manager MC Cham Jr, claiming that he undermined the party for two years before defecting to the United Democratic Party (UDP).

According to Nyang, MC Cham has betrayed the trust and confidence that GDC placed in him during his tenure as the National Youth President and GDC Campaign Manager. Nyang alleges that, while holding executive positions within the GDC, Cham actively supported the UDP’s agenda for over two years before officially leaving the GDC.

“MC Cham has betrayed the trust and confidence GDC has reposed in him over the years. MC Cham JNR as the former National Youth President and GDC Campaign Manager, now a UDP supporter while occupying an Executive position in the GDC was selling and supporting the agenda of the UDP for 2 years before exiting GDC,” he said.

The revelation reportedly came to light during MC Cham Jr’s welcome ceremony into the UDP at their Manjai Bureau, attended by prominent UDP figures such as Mayor Bensouda, His Excellency Ousainou Darboe, and other party leaders. Nyang claims that Mayor Bensouda confirmed Cham’s support for the UDP over the two-year period.

“The two years, Mayor Bensouda referred to find MC Cham as the National Youth President and later as the campaign manager of the party. I was shocked and worried because, after 7 years of struggles in the party that he was part of, I was never with the belief that he could undermine the party he claimed to love and died for. Uncountable times, MC Cham has openly said he will be the last man to leave the GDC when in reality he has parted ways with us (GDC) since 2021 mobilizing support for UDP,” Nyang said.

The GDC Admin Secretary emphasized that Cham received ample support within the GDC and expressed disappointment at his failure to campaign for GDC candidates after the 2022 Congress. Instead, Nyang claims, Cham’s efforts were directed towards supporting Mayor Bensouda.

“As campaign Manager of the GDC party after our 2022 Congress, MC Cham JNR was expected to campaign for our candidates, but he never did while his all efforts were centred around Mayor Bensouda before the GDC eventually threw its support to Bensouda’s candidacy. We have our disappointment over this revelation and with profound honesty there will be no party that will have your National Youth President/ Campaign manager campaigning for a party that he is not a member of or undermining it, and you spare his head.

“We have reserved our respect for MC Cham JNR with all the things that were happening and as the red line was drawn we decided to suspend him on the background that he will re-organise his thoughts and do the needful.

“I want to make this very clear that MC Cham JNR has all the right to join any political party of his choice, which will never be my problem, but you cannot undermine the GDC for two years as Mayor Bensouda confirmed in your welcoming to the UDP and expect these hidden truths to be buried,” he said.

While acknowledging that other executive members had left the party, Nyang emphasized that none had undermined or worked against the GDC while still holding positions within the party. He compared this to the case of Dr. Demba Sabally, who campaigned against the GDC only after leaving the party.

Nyang concluded by stressing the importance of aligning political actions with principles of honesty, loyalty, and moral integrity. He urged caution in political operations, asserting that adherence to religious principles, such as honesty, gratitude, loyalty, and selflessness, should be maintained in politics. Nyang firmly asserted that if Islam is detached from politics, he would disassociate himself from politics.

“In as much as we preach for good principles in our politics, it is very important to complement them with actions as honesty helps us in developing good attributes: kindness, discipline, truthfulness, moral integrity, and more. Honest people are sincere, trustworthy, and loyal throughout their lives. Finally, it is very paramount for great caution to be taken in our political operation because those who continuously spread the word that Politics has nothing to do with our religion are lost individuals because whatever we do should go side-by-side with our religion. Our religion teaches us to be honest, to be grateful, loyal, and be selfless and these are good attributes that one should always work by irrespective of doing politics or not. If Islam has nothing to do with politics, then count me out as a politician,” he concluded.

MC Cham Jr is now a member of the United Democratic Party (UDP) and has been nominated as Councilor for Business at the Kanifing Municipal Council.

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