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Gambian army defends its multi-million dollar agric project


Gambia National Army said its agricultural project will help the Government save up to D48 million. Gambian authorities spend D48 million on purchase of rice every year for the army.

The spokesperson of the Gambian army, Major Lamin Sanyang, has responded to critics of their proposed multi-million dollar agricultural project on Monday.

The army has announced few weeks ago that it is due to undertake an agricultural project across the country in collaboration with a South African based company costing over US$100 million.

After the news broke of army’s involvement in agriculture, several activists criticized the move as unwise.

Activist Madi Jobarteh said if the army is allowed for such ventures, it could be too powerful like the army in Egypt and hold an influential role in the country’s economy and politics.

But Major Sanyang said activists’ fears are unfounded.

Check the entire video of the press conference:


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