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Expelled NAMs Vow To Support President Barrow 100%

NAMs Kebba Jallow & Salifu Jawo
By Landing Ceesay
The two expelled National Assembly Members from the Gambia Democratic Congress (GDC) said since they are accused of  being President Barrow’s supporters, they will now support him 100%.
The two parliamentarians are Kebba Jallow, NAM of Jarra Central Constituency and Salifu Jawo, NAM of Jokadu Constituency.
“I am free to join any political party. But as far as we are accused of being people who are supportive to President Adama Barrow and his agenda, then his party is where we are going to cling to. So that we can help Barrow to develop this country up to the expectation of Gambians since the formation of the 2016 Coalition. So, I Kebba Jallow and honorable Salifu Jawo, we are going to support President Barrow and his agenda 100%,” Kebba Jallow stated.
The Jarra central constituency Parliamentarian said when issues come to the National Assembly particular issues that people know will give good name to President Barrow, If they support it as NAMs in the chambers, Mama Kandeh, the GDC leader sees that as they are supporting President Barrow instead of the nation at large.
“This is what we have been having issues with Mama Kandeh party leader and also the central committee of GDC,” NAM Jallow stated.
For Salifu Jawo, National Assembly member for Jokadu Constituency also declared his full support to the president and his party.
“We are making categorically clear to Mama Kandeh that as of today, we are supporters of president Barrow and his agenda 100%. We are going to support President Barrow and Mama Kandeh cannot do anything about that. I want to tell him that our expulsion from the GDC party is a big blow to him. Because he brough five (5) seats to this parliament but he is now left with only two (2) seats that’s a disaster to his party,” NAM Jawo stated.
The Jokadu Constituency NAM said in the coming presidential election on December 4, Mama Kandeh is going to see fire, saying the election results will proof that.
The expulsion of the two parliamentarians was announced on Tuesday at the house by the majority leader while deputizing for the Speaker of the expelled GDC NAMs who now vowed to support President Barrow 100%.

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