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NAM Ceesay Rebuffs Claims By Expelled NAMs That GDC Leader Is ‘Dictator’

Hon. Omar Ceesay
NAM Niamina East
By Landing Ceesay
The National Assembly Member for the Niamina East Constituency has rebuffed the allegation by the two expelled NAMs that the Gambia Democratic Congress (GDC) leader is a ‘dictator’.
Speaking to this medium shortly after the announcement of their expel by Parliament, the National Assembly Members- Kebba Jallow of Jarra Central and Salifu Jawo of Jokadu accused Mama Kandeh of being a ‘dictator’ who has the final say over everything within the party.
“We were expecting our expulsion from the GDC because Mama Kandeh, is somebody I will term as a dictator. We were at his party, but he is not the one who voted for us to be here today (National Assembly). The people who voted for us want us to represent them and support all national interests that’s what we are doing here since 2017. But issues started coming between us and Mama Kandeh when the local government-private bill was brought in before us. he did not support that and want us to against it and we refused. The second issue was the draft Constitution he supported the draft and want us to support it but we refused because we think that there are a lot of hidden issues in that draft constitution. He controls everything in the GDC, he is a dictator and we are not going to support a dictator,” Salifu Jawo NAM for Jokadu stated.
when asked about whether he agrees with Salifu Jawo that Mama Kandeh is a dictator. Kebba Jallow, responded affirmative and saying Mama Kandeh is just like the former Gambian President Yahya Jammeh, who was termed by many as a dictator.
The Niamina East NAM Omar Ceesay, spokesman of the party denied the allegations that his party leader is a dictator and that he controls everything in GDC.
“Considering the GDC as an institution, I can tell you that there is not even once the party leader (Mama Kandeh) asking Honourable members or any other executive member this you must do. I can confirm to you that sometimes we have decisions that are taken by the party the GDC party leader is not aware of. this is normally carried out by the GDC executive members in the absence of the Party leader. and they are witness to this. They (two expelled NAMs) appeared in so many meetings where a decision is taken by the central executive and the GDC party is not in attendance and obviously, that decision will be carried out and implemented. so if they are saying that the GDC party leader is a dictator or is directing or is influencing the decision that they have to undertake within the Assembly or outside the Assembly, I am not taking that as something serious, it is a mere allegation,” NAM Ceesay stated.
Honourable Ceesay said These people are expelled from the GDC because they are not attending any of their events to show solidarity but they always attend president Barrow and his NPP events to show solidarity with the Gambian President. He said that’s why the central committee of the GDC decided to expelled these two NAMs from their party.

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