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GDC National Youth President: We expelled Them Because They Were Undermining The Party

Kebba Jallow


By Buba Gagigo

The National Youth President of Gambia Democratic Congress (GDC) said they have expelled the National Assembly Members for Jarra Central Kebba Jallow and Jokadou Salifu Jawo because they ‘were undermining the party’.

“We expelled them because they were undermining the party. They were completely against the party. Kebba was in Niamina West campaigning against the [GDC] party. Salifu was in Jokadou campaigning against the party [during the by-election],” Mc Cham Jr alleged the duo.

However, reacting to their expulsion, the NAMs have counter accused the GDC leadership of being a ‘dictator’, which led to them leaving the party.

“He (Kandeh) has to leave us with our consents. You start telling your members that do this, do that, then you are becoming a dictator,” Kebba Jallow, the expelled Jarra Central NAM alleged.

“Mama Kandeh is somebody whom I can term as a dictator, because we were in his party but he was not the one who voted for us to represent in the Parliament. The people of our constituencies voted for us to support all national interest and that’s what we are doing,” Salifu Jawo said.


Salifu Jawo
Former GDC NAM

Jawo alleged that their stance on the local government and draft constitution bills in the parliament led to expulsion.

“Issues started coming between us and Mama Kandeh when this local government private member bill was brought to the Parliament for it to be amended. So that councillors also can have their independence. We supported that bill and then that brought chaos between us and Mama Kandeh; and the second thing was the draft constitution. We [were] against it while he wanted us to support the draft constitution and we said no,” Jawo alleged.

Earlier today, the Parliament informed its members that the Gambia Democratic Congress (GDC) has expelled the two National Assembly Members with immediate effect.


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