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Dozens protest against deportation from EU countries


People who sympathised with the position of the Government said the Gambia has not powers to stop any European country from deporting its citizens if they feel they are in their country without proper documentation.

Dozens of young people have taken to Westfield on Thursday morning demanding, among other things, actions from Gambia Government to stop deportation of migrants from European Union member states. The activists are also demanding improved conditions of migrants who deported from EU.

Some migrants claim they are being chained and dumped in the plane for the Gambia.

There are thousands of young Gambians living in EU country without proper documents. Some member states, with Germany leading, have already started deporting the undocumented Gambian migrants.

Since the start of 2019, 30 migrants have already being deported from Germany. Germany is said to have about 2500 failed Gambian asylum seekers who are going to be deported.

Several pro-migrant activists blame the Government for cooperating with the EU in deporting their citizens.

Country’s vice president Ousainou Darboe told their UDP online TV last week that they have not signed any agreement with the EU to deport migrants.

“Give deportees their packages,” wrote one on his placard. “Rise against deportation,” wrote another.

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