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DLEAG Arrests 21 People Suspected To Be In Possession of Over One Ton of Cannabis

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Ousman Saidyba Public Relation Officer of The Drug law enforcement Agency

By Fatou Sillah 

The Drug Law Enforcement Agency (DLEAG) operatives with backup support from the Police Intervention Unit (PIU) reported seizures of cannabis sativa, cannabis seeds, and hashish on the 10th February 2023 around 07:15 hours GMT onwards at Kamosorr and Jakin village in Foni Bintang, West Coast Region. 

Ousman Saidyba The Public Relations Officer of the Drug Law Enforcement Agency said all the arrested individuals are Gambians 

“The operation was led by our West Coast Region command with backup support from the police intervention unit. Upon receiving information about the activity of these people, Operatives conducted their surveillance and gather all necessary intelligence that led to the arrest of twenty-one people, eighteen (18) of which are male and three (3) females. All of them are Gambian Nationals. The total quantity of drugs that were seized from them equates to one ton, three hundred and twenty-nine kgs 80g of cannabis,” the DLEAG PRO Said.

PRO Saidyba also said Various quantities that were seized are more than 88 bags more than two hundred plants, three motorbikes, and also cannabis and hashish. 

“However, this indicates, as well as shows large-scale cultivation, dealing, and trafficking of drugs that takes place within a community without anyone providing law enforcement with information,” he explained.

The PRO urge communities to cooperate with them in fighting drugs.

“We cannot do it alone if we are to succeed. operatives, recently, if you are monitoring, have affected some very significant seizures. We show recently at the end of 2021 to 2022, we seized in Salagi more than half of ton of cocaine, before that almost half of ton of hashish, So, therefore, this shows that the operatives are committed but at the end of the day we cannot do it alone we need the support and cooperation of The public if we are to make any giant strikes,” He said.

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