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OIC Gambia Addresses Heavy Traffic Woes, Citing Ongoing Roadworks

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Nfally Fadera, Head of Brand and Communication, OIC Gambia

By Buba Gagigo

Nfally Fadera, Head of Brand and Communication at OIC Gambia, has attributed the heavy traffic congestion at the Turntable to incomplete roadworks and has asked for patience from drivers.

In an interview with Kerr Fatou, Fadera acknowledged the inconvenience caused by the incomplete roadworks, stating, “I first want to apologize to all those who have been affected by the road conditions. Nation-building involves facing challenges before everything is completed. We appeal for patience from everyone and ask for understanding that these roads are still under construction.”

He clarified that the roads have not been officially handed over to the Gambian government, emphasizing that the infrastructure is not yet ready. Fadera explained, “We opened the roads to facilitate movement, but essential elements for smooth traffic flow, such as road markings and furniture, are still pending. The roads are not fully prepared, and work is ongoing.”

Responding to claims of poor planning contributing to the traffic congestion, Fadera disagreed, stating, “If anyone suggests poor planning, perhaps they don’t grasp the process. During roadwork with heavy machinery, we created diversions for drivers. These diversions are still in place. While we could close the roads, we chose to open them to alleviate traffic.”

King Colley, Commissioner of the Mobile Traffic Unit, expressed concern about potential traffic issues at Jabang Junction and recommended the inclusion of a flyover in the contractor’s design. However, Fadera clarified that, at present, there are no plans for such additions. He highlighted the current project scope, limited to three flyovers at Old Yundum Junction, Brusubi Turntable, and Traffic Light.

Fadera emphasized, “The ongoing traffic congestion is primarily due to the incomplete state of the roads, lacking necessary markings and traffic aids. Once the roads are ready, with proper markings, these issues may subside. Government efforts in sensitizing the public on how to use these new roads will also play a crucial role in addressing these challenges.”

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