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Six Arrested For Allegedly Being In Possession of Suspected Ecstasy

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The Six arrested by the Drug Law Enforcement.

By Fatou Sillah 

The National Drug law enforcement Agency on the 6th of February 2023 seized Eleven thousand, three hundred and forty pills  (11,340) of ecstasy from a Nigerian National at Sanchaba Sulay Jobe. 

Ousman Saidyba, The public relations officer of the drug law enforcement agency said that further investigation into the matter led to the arrest of two more Nigerians and three Gambians. 

“Operatives of the agency apprehended a Nigerian National on the 6th of February 2023  in the morning. He was apprehended with eleven thousand three hundred forty pills of ecstasy which is a controlled drug and taken into custody. Further investigation into the matter led to the matter of two more Nigerians and three other Gambians. preliminary findings of the investigators revealed that the drugs were trafficked into the Country through postal services and also indicated that the drugs originated from Holland,” he explained. 

The PRO further states that Ecstasy is a highly addictive drug and it can cause confusion 

“What is interesting is the indication of the new trend that is been used by traffickers to traffic their products. Ecstasy is a highly addictive drug. It causes short-term confusion and long-term confusion, permanent confusion, and it can lead to depression. Under its influence, people can commit a heinous crime but as we said that fact that illicit drug trafficking remains a persistent phenomenon that affects nations across the globe,” he said

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