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MSDG Diaspora Development Fund Opens For Application

The MSDG Project and partners

The MSDG Project is pleased to announce that applications are now open for project grant funding of up to €5,000 (Euros), equivalent to D300,000 (Dalasis), as part of the Diaspora Development Fund (DDF). 

Applicants must be Gambian citizens based in the diaspora or those having returned to Gambia in the past 5 years, who are collaborating with organisations or social enterprises registered and operating in Gambia. 

Gambian organisations interested in applying are encouraged to partner with diaspora organisations, professionals or experts. 

The DDF aims to stimulate, leverage, expand and enhance different forms of Gambian diaspora contributions to national development, through partnerships, collaborations and co-financing.

The projects to be funded must have positive and measurable socioeconomic impacts, such as: job creation and enterprise development; skills and educational development; technological amenities and resources. 

The MSDG Project is keen to fund projects in the rural areas, with high numbers of female and youth beneficiaries. Each funded project needs to generate their own co-finance of at least €15,000, either in cash or in the form of in-kind or technical resources. 

The projects may be new ones, or be part of an ongoing programme, but they need to be completed within a six (6) month period. 

Those awarded grants will be designated as MSDG Fellows and will also benefit from technical support, to assist them with the implementation of their projects. 

About DDF, the new MSDG Technical Director, Ms Ndumbeh Saho stated: “We look forward to funding and working with a diverse range of innovative, impactful, feasible and sustainable diaspora-development projects, especially those implemented in the rural parts of The Gambia”. 

To assist applicants to complete the DDF Application Form, an online workshop will be held and the details are as follows:

DDF Workshop: Diaspora Development Fund (DDF) Application Workshop Date and Time: Sunday, 22 May 2022, 2.30 PM to 5.30 PM GMT (Gambia Time) 


Zoom Link:

The DDF application process entails the following steps and actions: 

1. Send an email to request the Application Form:

2. Attend the online DDF Application Workshop: Sunday, 22 May 2022, 2.30 PM to 5.30 PM GMT 

3. Submit the Application Form and Supporting Documents: Wednesday, 15 June 2022, Midnight

The MSDG Project was initiated in 2017, led by Professor Gibril Faal, co-financed by GK Partners and the Government of Switzerland, and implemented in partnership with the Government of The Gambia. 

The MSDG Project plans to make 55 DDF grant awards totalling €275,000 (Euros), equivalent to D16.5 million. 

DDF was piloted in 2020/21 whereby total grants of €74,890 (Euros) were awarded to 10 MSDG Fellows. 

The Fellows used the funds to leverage and generate a further €710,280 (Euros). As a result, the pilot DDF contributed €785,170 (Euros), equivalent about D50 million (Dalasis) to Gambian socioeconomic development. For every 1 Euro of grant funds provided, the MSDG Fellows generated a further 9.4 Euros, demonstrating the resourcefulness, commitment and productivity of diaspora-development practitioners. 


Source: The MSDG Project

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