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Dodou Jah Doesn’t Rule-out Joining KM Mayoral Race

Dodou Jah
APRC Deputy Spokesperson

By Buba Gagigo

The Deputy Spokesperson of the Alliance for Patriotic, Reorientation, and Construction (APRC) does not rule out running for the Kanifing Municipality (KM) Mayoral position next year.

However, Jah admitted that the decision on the subject lies in the APRC party. 

“I do not own myself, whatever people decide that’s what I will do. I will not rule-out (running for the mayoral position). Whatever they decide, that’s what I will do,” he told Star FM radio on Monday.

The APRC deputy spokesperson added that it is APRC that needs the KM mayoral seat not himself, but says this is his believe not an official statement from the party

“APRC needs KM not Dodou Jah. All of you know that APRC is a big party. If you want to show the power of a party you should hold onto something and show something. We are not in an alliance just to hold our hands and be looking at things. That kills a party and makes the supporters of the party not see what they are working on. Nobody owns anyone, you have to involve the people, or they will go. That’s why I said APRC needs KM,” he said. 

“Unless we have other plans, but right now, what I see is KM is our power. No one will argue that KM is not a strong hold of APRC. We know the place, we worked there for a long time, I don’t think there is anyone who knows the place better than us. We can raise our hands for that. In my own observation and belief, APRC needs KM mayoral seat,” he responded when asked whether APRC will die if they fail to win the KM mayoral seat. 

Further asked whether APRC did not help the NPP during the Parliamentary Election; thus it won no seat in the KM.

“We helped, but it was not full, the reason why it was not full support is, the alliance is not working the way it should work. That’s why a lot of people sat and held themselves,” Jah replied.

Dodou Jah denied making the flyer seen on social media concerning the KM mayoral contest next year. 

“The party has not taken any step yet. I think what they saw going around on social media is a flyer. That’s not my work. I did not make the flyer but there are many people in APRC party; especially our media team. There is a group in the party called ‘Youths In Defence Of The APRC’ and their belief is APRC should take KM. That flyer is from those youth. They are even doing many good things that they are not telling me. If the people can remember when I had a family problem and wanted to break from politics, they were the people who told me I have to continue because I don’t own myself. So these are youths who think APRC needs KM and they think Dodou Jah is the right person. The party did not say anything yet, but it may not even be Dodou Jah because the party can choose another person,” he concluded.

Meanwhile, Pa Njie Girigara of NPP has requested for APRC to issue a statement and clear the air on Dodou Jah’s statement.

“Any party that wants to support us, so be it, but any party that wants to undo our alliance by forcing itself into filing a candidate will mean it no longer wants to work with the NPP. 

“Dodou Jah spoke on two media platforms saying APRC will file a candidate. APRC has a right to file a candidate; but if there is an alliance, before the party comes out to say it will file a candidate, what may…But is that even a party executive position or a personal position from an executive member? 

“It’s Dodou Jah who spoke and his statement is threatening to bring a lot of confusion regarding our alliance with APRC. 

“If what Dodou Jah is saying it’s not the official position of APRC, he should go back to the media platforms and say ‘we have not decided yet regarding the 2023 mayoral elections’. 

“If Dodou Jah refuses to do that, I think APRC has every right to put out a statement to distance themselves from Dodou Jah’s comments,” Njie said.

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