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CoPG Demands Barrow Withdraw His Statement On Child Deaths

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Mrs. Fanta Mballow
Coalition of Progressive Gambians Chairperson

By Ramatoulie Jawo

The Coalition of Progressive Gambians (CoPG) yesterday demanded President Adama Barrow withdraw the statement he made on the death of the 66 children.

President Barrow in his address to the nation on the death of the 66 children said the figure “is not at much variance with the recorded data for similar periods in the past”; a statement the pressure group is demanding him to withdraw.

The CoPG made the demand at a press conference on Thursday; while expressing its “disappointment” with the deaths that have now increased to 69, sinec the address.

CoPG chairperson, Mrs. Fanta Mballow challenged the president to withdraw his statement and apologize to the Gambians, especially those affected.

“We want him take full responsibility by the regulatory body and in the health care service delivery system for this tragedy,” she stressed.

The group that plans to hold a ‘massive peaceful protest’ on 11th November 2022 against the surge in the cost of fuel, basic food, and other essential commodities called it, ‘unjust and a sign of bad governance for government to ignore the concerns of its citizens without taking any significant step to address their demands for months, if not years’.

They urged all Gambians including students to rally behind them to hold Barrow-led government responsible for ‘plunging the country into economic hardship, incompetence and corrupt practices’.

They alleged the Barrow-led government of being looters who don’t care about the plight of poor Gambians, as their families are not affected by the hardship; and are thus, living luxurious lives at the expenses of taxpayers.

Coalition of Progressive Gambians is a pressure group working hard to ensure that the views and values (Accountability & Transparency) of the Gambian people are respected, part of its permit application stated.  

The Coalition of Progressive Gambians (CoPG) demands President Barrow with his government, to immediately address the price hike of fuel, food, and other essential commodities in the country; and establish a commission to investigate the ‘illegal’ opening of the special security account, and the misuse of public funds mentioned in the NAO audit report, among others.

CoPG ‘s application to hold a peaceful permit next month has been refused by the police on ‘security reason’; but pledged to protest with, or without permit, come 11th November 2022.

The group that refers to itself, “voice of the voiceless”, believes that denying people a permit to raise their concerns about ‘corruption’ democratically in the country, would fuel more ‘corruption’.

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