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Breaking News: Drivers To Commence Sit-down Strike On Monday

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Omar Ceesay
President, Gambia Transport Union

By Buba Gagigo

President, Gambia Transport Union (GTU), Omar Ceesay has confirmed that  his Union members would start a sit-down on 12th September.

He said the planned industrial action by them would continue, until their demands are met.

“We are going to engage in a sit-down strike, starting on the 12th September 2022, until our demands are met,” the Gambia Transport Union President told Kerr Fatou.

Asked what their demands are, he said: “For the government to reduce the cost of crossing at the Senegambia Bridge, reduce the pump prices, and also the police brutality on the highway (to stop), because they are always abusing drivers.”

Mr. Ceesay on Wednesday confirmed the arrest of some drivers by police, following reported clashes between both sides at the Senegambia Bridge.

The GTU President said the reported clashes followed, after his drivers complained that the cost of the crossing is expensive; then parked their vehicles nearby the bridge, and refused to move them after they were asked by the police to do so.  

However, an eye-witness account stated the drivers blocked the passage to the bridge, while protesting against what they called the high cost of crossing, which led to the clashes between them and the police.

The GTU leader said last year, they had agreed with the government to reduce cost of the crossing, but alleged that the latter failed to implement the agreement.

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