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Angry mob demands justice as former Junta member refuses to testify before TRRC


Angry mob stormed Kairaba Police Station demanding “Yankuba Touray must testify”.

Hundreds of angry Gambians have stormed the police station at Kairaba Avenue demanding the state to ensure the prosecution of former junta member Yankuba Touray after the ex-soldier refused to testify before the Truth Commission.

Touray appeared before the Truth Commission on Wednesday but refused to talk on claims that he has immunity granted to him by the 1997 constitution from any crimes he may have committed.

Touray is wanted for several killings from 1994 when the military took over to 1997. He told the Commission that the 1997 constitution gave him immunity.

This is the first time someone adversely mentioned in relations to crimes such as murder and torture has refused to appear before the Commission for public hearing.

“I therefore have no choice but to order the immediate arrest of Yankuba Touray and to hand him over forthwith to the police station with jurisdiction over this area,” said Commission’s Chairman Dr Lamin Sise.

Touray is currently charged with contempt of court. He may also face prosecution on murder charges in connection to the death of Ousman Koro Ceesay and November 11, 1994 killed soldiers.

Yankuba was taken away in an armored police truck which was heavily stoned by angry mob, leading the police to fire a single teargas canister. This caused a huge tension between the people and the police.

A mob in front of the Kairaba Police Station

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