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U.S pledges to help Gambia recover stolen state resources


America has pledged to help the Gambia Government recover state resources stolen by former President Yahya Jammeh, the U.S embassy said on Friday.

The U.S government said it applauds the release of the full report of the Commission of Inquiry into the Financial Activities of Public Bodies, Enterprises and Offices, known as the “Janneh Commission,” as well as the Cabinet white paper.

The Commission report was published by Justice Minister Abubacarr Tambadou on Friday. The report indicted former Gambian leader for stealing billions of dalasis.

Also held responsible for theft of public resources are several top Government officials who are charged for aiding and abetting Jammeh’s “grand theft”.

Several private business tycoons were indicted including Muhammed Bazzi and Amadou Samba.

“It is crucial that the asset recovery process be undertaken in a similarly transparent fashion to assure the Gambian people that recovered assets are being properly accounted for and accrue to the public benefit,” said a press statement from the U.S embassy in Banjul.

“The government of the United States will continue the work well under way to pursue available legal means to support the Gambian government’s efforts to recover the identified ill-gotten gains.

“The investigation of financial crimes is extremely complex, requiring specialized knowledge and training.  We urge the Gambian public and civil society to invest the time to understand fully the complexities of the investigation and report, referencing the original Act that established the Commission of Inquiry, and the legal thresholds required to establish facts meeting evidentiary standards under Gambian law.

“We take this moment to renew our recommendation that government authorities work closely and expeditiously with civil society organizations and the National Assembly to develop strong legislation, strong regulations, and strong rule of law-based investigative and prosecutorial mechanisms to better ensure that persons who abuse their positions of public trust to greedily benefit themselves are held accountable.

“Trust by the Gambian people in their government will be bolstered by vigorous, transparent action to do so.”








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