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‘Tell The Entire Country This Is Our Situation’ – Alleged Coup-Ring Leader’s Family Speak

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Sanna Fadera the alleged ring leader of the foiled coup.

By Buba Gagigo

Sister of Sanna Fadera who is Alleged to be the Ring leader of the foiled coup d’etat in the Gambia, Aria Fadera says their family is going through hard times since the arrest of her brother.

“We are appealing to the entire country to help us. His wife is currently sick because of this issue. She is continuously crying alongside her children. I am Sanna’s elder sister and the burden of comfort fell on me, but I don’t have the financial wherewithal to help feed the family. Sanna was taken away leaving the wife and family with nothing. I am doing everything within my power, but I have a family to take care of, with very few financial means to take care of us all. Please tell the entire nation that this is our situation right now,” she told Kerr Fatou on Friday.

Mrs. Fadera also narrated how his brother was arrested.

“Sanna Fadera left here (Kiang Nema) on Monday morning, after spending the weekend with us. Later that evening, around Maghreb prayers, two vehicles loaded with armed soldiers came to our village. They went and search our father’s garden and later on proceeded to our family compound. Upon arrival at our compound, they went into Sanna’s house and did a thorough search of the premises. They also went to his poultry farm and all other properties that belong to him. 

But the search didn’t yield anything incriminating. This was the point in time that I fainted because I was afraid and frightened by their presence, and by the time I came out of the faint spell, they (armed soldiers) have already departed. I asked people what transpired during my disorientation, and was informed that they’ve arrested Sanna, put him in their vehicle, and left with him,” she explained.

She further explained that since the arrest of her brother, the family didn’t have any access to him.

“Since they arrested and took him, we have not heard from him, not even a telephone call. We later heard on the radio that he was the alleged ring leader of a coup d’etat. I cried upon hearing this news because I know Sanna. He is alleged to be part of this, but he is not the leader of any army group. He has no group and he has no money. Then how can he lead a coup d’etat? That’s why I will never believe the allegations. My brother is a soldier but working as a doctor, how can he lead a coup d’etat?” she asked.

Sanna Fadera is accused of being the ring leader of an alleged fouled coup d’etat in the Gambia. He was arrested along with four other soldiers. 

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