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Survey Reveals NPP Likely To Win December Election

Adama Barrow
Secretary General
National People’s Party

By Buba Gagigo


Pre-election opinion poll survey has today indicated that the National People’s Party is likely to win the December presidential election.


The Centre for Policy Research and Strategic Studies (CepRass) conducted the finding between 22ndJuly and 10th August 2021.


It revealed NPP leading with 31%, UDP with 15%, GDC 3%, APRC 3%, PDOIS 2%, CA 1%, NRP 1%, GMC 1% and others 1%. 


However, the study showed 43% of respondents are not sure which party would win the election. Notwithstanding, the poll results presented showed that most of the respondents (apart from those that are not sure) have the perception that NPP would likely win the election.


The study also found out which party the respondents intended to vote for, with NPP having 29%, UDP 13%, APRC 5%, GDC 4%, PDOIS 4%, CA 1%, NRP 1%, GMC 1% and others 1%. 


Those undecided on who to vote for is higher with 40%.


The survey further showed that the undecided voters are the majority in all regions except for the URR and CRR North, while NPP outperforming UDP- the largest opposition party- in all regions among the decided voters and the results for NPP to ‘likely win’ followed similar pattern with results for ‘intention to vote’. 

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