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Speaker Jatta Identifies 2 Campaign Promises Foni Kansala NAM ‘Cannot Fulfill’


Speaker Fabakary Tombong Jatta and member for Foni Kansala Almameh Gibba

By Buba Gagigo

Hon. Fabakary Tombong Jatta (FTJ) has said that the new member for Foni Kansala Almameh Gibba can neither bring back former president Yahya Jammeh nor remove the ECOMIG forces stationed in Foni.

The Speaker of the National Assembly and  Interim leader of Alliance for Patriotic Reorientation and Construction (APRC) made these remarks recently in an audio obtained by Kerr Fatou.

“If there is any enemy of Yahya Jammeh, APRC and the Jolas, ‘Billah’ (By Allah), it’s the ‘No To Alliance’. I told those of them who contested for the parliamentary election that they are only interested in what will go into their pockets; but they don’t care about their people in Foni. They know all they are saying ‘is not true’. They are just big mouthing people, ‘you are independent, (and) one thing after the end of month you will be paid’. They will go and enjoy the money with their families. But it’s a problem for Foni. Foni doesn’t resist governments, they believe in God. 

“I will say clearly that voting for these independents will make things very difficult. We are the cause why Jammeh and his colleagues still didn’t come back. During our struggles, where were all these people talking? I had Almameh Gibba saying he will move a private member bill in the National Assembly to bring back Yahya Jammeh and they will remove the soldiers. Saying that will even anger the government. He knows that he cannot do it and he cannot do it. If things don’t go this way, by now we would have been talking about when Jammeh will be coming back,” Fabakay Tombong Jatta said.

In rebuttal to Fabakay Tombong Jatta’s statement, the National Assembly Member for Foni Kansala Almameh Gibba asked the new speaker to remain neutral and stop attacking National Assembly Members.

“I want to ask Fabakay Tombong Jatta who was his close protection. We were the ones behind Fabakay during 28th ….rally. He was even trembling when he was coming out of his house. 99% of all his bodyguards were natives of Foni. I drew all the mapping of the security aspect. I posted bodyguards at his home in Kanifing and Tallinding. Tell him to ask Sam Jatta, Modou Njie, Yahya Badjie and Alagie Sanyang. I will also ask you (FTJ) ‘where were you’ because you were inside your house and we were the ones having your security. Maybe you are old now and you forgot. 

“You (Fabakary) said I cannot present a bill to bring back Jammeh and you said I cannot remove the soldiers in Foni. Then you who can do it. Let’s join hands to work to resolve these problems because they are the hot cake problems of Foni that are even killing people in Foni. You were part of the people who were a strong critic of the government regarding these issues. But I will tell you that I am a National Assembly Member, and the people of Foni Kansala voted for me. Be ready! I respect that you are the Speaker of the National Assembly, but I am also a National Assembly Member. If you want to deprive me of my right in the Assembly, I am ready to rebel all out. You are a referee in that House then why will you debunk the aim and aspirations of a National Assembly Member? Are you just? Are you ready to be a neutral speaker? But we are not yet there. I want you to try it at the Assembly. That Assembly is not owned by you, neither me,” Almameh Gibba said in a rebuttal to Jatta’s remarks against his campaign promise.

Fabakay Tombong Jatta is the Interim party leader of Alliance for Patriotic Reorientation and Construction (APRC), and the new speaker of the National Assembly. Almameh Gibba defeated his party’s candidate for Foni Kansala, Musa Amul Nyassi, in the just concluded parliamentary election. 

Hon. Gibba is one of the 5 members of the parliamentary representing the Fonis as independent candidates; who belong to the APRC faction (APRC NO To Alliance) opposing the party’s joining force with President Barrow’s National People’s Party.

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