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Sidia Tells Wuli President Barrow Didn’t Build Their Bridges, Roads

Honourable Sidia Jatta seeking re-election as National Assembly Member for Wuli West constituency

By Buba Gagigo

Honourable Sidia Jatta told the people of Wuli that the bridges and roads in their area were not built by President Adama Barrow, but by their own money. 

“Some people do not know the work of a National Assembly Member. The work of a National Assembly Member is not to bring  taps here. No one gave me money to bring tap here, no one gave money to build roads here. Do you know how much is spent on the Yorobaol to Basse road? More than D100m. Is that from Barrow’s pocket? Is from your own box. We are the people who approved it not even long ago. Now people are saying Barrow built roads. Which roads? Your hospitals have no medicine; your standard of living is getting higher all because of the big loans they are taking. Who told you he built the bridge? 

“This is a charity but they give you charity and take more from you. You close your eyes and say big words and beat your chest. Yahya Jammeh is the first person to build a bridge here, which was a loan. This one is for charity. The Chinese gave us $75m and that is the reason for this bridge and the Fatoto road. But do you know the amount of Chinese in our rivers? In Sanyang they have destroyed their women’s garden and are even giving sickness to the people. People fight to close the place, people were jailed but they are still operating. Is that a charity? Donating to kill the person, is that a charity? The President is coming on the 26th because he heard that I went to Gunjur and he heard what happened from the audio. That got them crazy. They will meet me here. If he visits there, I will also return there. You people don’t know me but he knows me,” he said

Hon. Sedia Jatta, who is seeking re-election as National Assembly Member for Wuli West constituency made these remarks while speaking to his supporters in Kolibantangvillage on Thursday.

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