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Senior Admin Secretary Says Batchilly Has No Power To Dissolve GAP Executive


By Buba Gagigo
The Senior Administrative Secretary of  Gambia Action Party (GAP), Muhammad Yaffa, said that the suspended party leader, Musa Yali Batchilly, has no legal basis to dismiss the party’s executive.
“He has no legal power or constitutional right to dissolve the this executive committee. There is no clause in the Gambia Action Party Constitution that gives him the power. He is suspended, let him wait for his suspension, let him wait for that until a decision is made from the party. He is no more the leader of Gambia Action Party. He has no power. He has no legal authority, in fact he has no constitutional right to do that. This executive committee was elected, not selected  but was elected during our Congress.
“So who is he to dismiss those people? And in the Gambia Action Party Constitution, article 10.2 gives mandate to the executive committee to dismiss, to suspend or fine any member of the party found guilty. So Batchilly is found guilty. And another clause in the constitution, article 15 of the constitution also states that you cannot be a member of GAP and be a member of another political party. Endorsing president Barrow and NPP means you have shifted your allegiance. He dismissed himself. Batchilly is not important,” Mr Yaffa told Kerr in a phone interview.
Musa Yali Batchilly on Monday evening announced dissolving the executive committee of GAP and urged the followers to follow him to join President Barrow’s NPP for the December election.
However, Batchilly‘s statement did not referenced any clause of the party’s Constitution which gives him such a power, like Yaffa did.

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