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Senegalese Security Allegedly Injured Two At Border Village

Sheikh Omar Faye, Minister of Defense

By Buba Gagigo

Jarreh Kujabi of Omorto village at Gambia-Senegal border alleged that Senegalese Security personnel have injured two in the settlement recently.

He told Kerr Fatou that the two sustained injuries during an altercation with the Security who were pursuing a lorry carrying timber from Senegal which drove into the village.

“The vehicle carrying timber that they were pursuing had already left. They came to our village and wanted to take a truck that was already at our village. We insisted that they would not take the truck because that was not the one they were pursuing,” Jarreh Kujabi said on phone.

However, he informed that the Senegalese Security were able to arrest the driver they were pursuing after an altercation with the villagers which led to the injury of the two.

“A 17-Year-boy stood in front of the truck and insisted that the truck will not go. He told them [Senegalese Security] to kill him, but he will not get off in front of the truck. They (Senegal security) hit him with their long cutlass which led to injuries on his body,” he alleged while giving an account of the incident.

He narrated that himself (Jarreh Kujabi) was injured on his hand while trying to save the Senegalese Security Commander from being harmed by the villagers.

“They opened fire in the air, after arresting the driver. They later came for the truck with more security personnel. When they were going home also, they opened fire to threaten our women who were working in the bush,” Jarreh further alleged.

Asked whether they called the Gambian security, he said they sent some to call the PIU at Sohm village in the Kombo East, but PIU said they don’t have a vehicle to go there.

Meanwhile, Kerr Fatou contacted the police spokesperson for comments on the matter. Although, he admitted seeing videos of the alleged altercation online, but he could not comment on it because he said that he is yet to receive a formal report on the incident.


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