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Scorpions Reportedly Stranded In Cameroon

The National Scorpions

By Buba Gagigo

After an impressive performance at the African Cup of Of Nations in Cameroon, Gambian players have expressed frustration in videos recording early Tuesday, alleging being stranded in Cameroon.

Lamin Jallow: “Still now we cannot move from here to go back to Gambia. This is very sad with all the sacrifice we did for The Gambia at AFCON. This is our first time in AFCON. So the fans you are the once who should help us because, this is not done for us to be stuck in Cameroon and they are not telling us anything. This has to stop in the Gambia, now.”

Ebrima Sohna: “When are we coming home? We don’t even know when are we coming back. There is no confirmation of flight yet, maybe in one hour time or maybe in two hours time. We are just like this. We don’t even know. We don’t even know when are we going.”

Lamin Jallow: We want to go home. These people are not telling us the truth. Everyday is a new story. We are supposed to fly back to our clubs, and we have to play. We don’t even want anyone to come to the Airport. Some Players have already left. We have not received our bonus, yet When we beat Guinea.”

Modou Barrow: “They are not honest to us. We don’t know when to go home. Our clubs are calling us and We dont know what to say. We are tired of this.”

Sauleyman Marreh: “This situation is very sad Players dont deserve this, some Players have already left and This is very unprofessional its too Much now.”

Modou jobe Toldo: “As the boys Said This is Whats happening We all very discouraged.”

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