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President Barrow warns ‘perceived’ saboteurs in Gov’t


“It is only an illegitimate child who will kill a lion and give it to the vultures to eat,” said President Adama Barrow at a meeting at State House on Sunday.

President Adama Barrow has warned people he perceived to be saboteurs of his government to either resign or be fired.

“You are either in or out. That is what is going to happen in 2019. Anybody who is not supporting my agenda and you are working in my government, leave or I fire you. If you are a minister, you will support my agenda or leave,” the Gambian leader said at a meeting in State House with supporters from Kombo South.

The comments came as perceived tensions escalate between the president and his vice president Ousainou Darboe, the leader of the United Democratic Party.

Barrow likened his administration to a bus and added that some people will disembark as it moves.

“2019 is the turning point of this country,” said Barrow.

“If anyone thinks if you sabotage, you can bring an end to my administration, you are fooling yourself. I am here to work.”

The Gambian leader said he is poised to surpass both Sir Dawda Jawara, country’s first president, and former president Yahya Jammeh in achievements.

Barrow said his administration to electrify every part of the Gambia.

Meanwhile, in late 2018 the Gambian leader was criticized for bribing lawmakers by proposing D10, 000 for each as allowance. This was seen as attempts to get the support of lawmakers ahead of the 2018 congress of the United Democratic Party.

“They said I have bribed National Assembly members D10, 000. But during the parliamentary election, I have given money to all the parties. The least amount I gave was D200, 000… I also paid their polling agents D250 each,” said Barrow.

“I did the same thing during councilor and chairmanship election.”

Barrow said the promised reforms of the Government is not yet done and critics are calling on him to resign.

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