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Police Reveal Recording 5 Domestic Homicides In September

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Cadet Assistant Superintendent Binta Njie-Jatta
Gambia Police Force spokesperson

By Landing Ceesay

The Gambia Police Force spokesperson, Cadet Assistant Superintendent Binta Njie-Jatta, disclosed that the police registered 5 domestic homicides in September alone.

“We have recorded five homicide cases recently, and the sad part is that all of these cases are domestic. They are happening in homes, in hotels and on football fields where police presence is not visible. So we effected some arrests of suspects,” the police spokesperson said.

The suspected killing of a man by a woman at the Friendship Hostel in Bakau, was the first case cited by her.

ASP Njie-Jatta said the police have almost exhausted investigations and the case will be first mentioned in court on Monday.

“What we were able to discover is that, the suspect and the victim were said to be in a relationship. So I think some glitches occurred in their relationship, which led to the suspected murder of the victim. So far, we have gathered some facts and the case would be taken to the court on Monday (19th September). So far, there is only one suspect, and our investigation is enough to press charges,” she said.

 Asked whether police investigations reveal a possiblity of a third-party involvement in the suspected murder case; the spokesperson Njie-Jatta responded in the negative.

The second suspected murder case occurred in Bansang, in the Central River Region (CRR), and the suspect has been arrested too, she told this medium.

“The suspect is said to have gone to a football match, and there was an issue between the opposing groups. He joined in that fracas, and happened to have an issue with someone whom he stabbed. Another person who is said to be the brother of the victim came to separate them, and (he) was also stabbed and died. So like I said, all these cases are domestic homicides,” the Njie-Jatta added.

The third case occurred in Sinchu Alhagie, when two families had a disagreement which resulted in the stabbing of the victim, and 2 suspects have been arrested.

“For the Sinchu Alhagie case, it happened in a home where neighbours had issues and families took over…and they ended up killing the victim. So we have two suspects arrested…,” Binta continued 

The fourth case of the month occurred in Sinchu Wurrie caused by an argument between the two resulting in the stabbing and subsequent death of the other.

“For Sinchu Wurrie, we have concern over young people using prohibited substances like smoking weed and taken some things that can keep them mentally unstable. So, what happened was these young people had bitter tussle that led to one of them stabbing the victim. So, currently he (suspect) is at large,” Njie-Jatta told Kerr Fatou.

The fifth case like the second, took place in Bansang at a football field where the suspect allegedly stabbed the victim to death.

“The fifth homicide also happened in Bansang. The same football issue, there was a stabbing involved. This one happened in Bansang south. Someone had scissors, and a friend requested to use the scissors on the football field. So it was given to him, and when the owner requested the scissors back, they had an issue and the victim was stabbed,” ASP Njie-Jatta said.

She said they are on a rigorous routines and that they were out throughout last night.

“These are happening in our homes, where people gathered. It’s not like the police are supposed to be here and they are not here, that is why this happened. This mainly happens because people go out in public armed,” she said.

The Gambia Police Force spokesperson, Cadet Assistant Superintendent Binta Njie-Jatta, made these remarks on “The Brunch”, a talk-show that airs every Saturday on Kerr Fatou from Midday to 2pm.

The police spokesperson later confirmed after the show that all the suspects have been arrested, including the principal suspect in the Sinchu Alhagie case.

Meanwhile, the domestic homicide record for this month surpassed 5, as the incident of the alleged murder of a 62-year old at her residence in Fajara also occurred on 4th September.

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