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Parliamentarian Calls On Gov’t To Investigate Killings In Niamina Kudang

Hon Omar Ceesay
NAM Niamina East


Honourable Omar Ceesay, National Assembly Member for Niamina East District called on government to investigate the recent killings in Niamina Kudang.

He described the killings by unknown individual(s) as ‘deliberate’, then called for proper probe into them.

“I am calling on the government, especially the office of the IG to establish [a] body to carry out an investigation leading to the killing of these individuals,” said Ceesay.

Omar who got to Parliament through Gambia Democratic Congress [GDC] party  ticket made this call today, after another person is killed in Niamina Kudang last night, by an unknown person(s), making it the third person in less than six months.

“This is worrying not only to the people of Kudang, but Niamina at large, as the one doing this deliberate murdering is yet to be known and for what reason,” GDC NAM said.


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