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Gambia heads the ad-hoc OIC ministerial committee for addressing the “Accountability issue for the violation of human rights against the Rohingya in Myanmar”. 

Pictures from OIC ministerial committee meeting in Dhaka

The 45th annual meeting of the Council of Foreign Ministers (CFM) of the Organisation of Islamic Conference (OIC) has backed Gambia’s proposal to form a ministerial committee to protect the rights of Rohingya Muslims who are being persecuted in Myanmar, Bangladesh media reported.

The Dhaka Declaration has urged the member-states of the organisation to provide more humanitarian aid to the Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh.

It has called upon the member-states to remain engaged with the international community for addressing massive human rights violations against the Rohingyas.

However, the Declaration has not mentioned any specific or binding measures or figures for alleviating the huge burden – financial, humanitarian and environmental, that Bangladesh the destination of the fleeing refugees is currently carrying due to the crisis.

The only concrete move that has been agreed upon at the Dhaka meeting, is the formation of an ad-hoc ministerial committee to be headed by Gambia for addressing the “Accountability issue for the violation of human rights against the Rohingya in Myanmar”.

The Dhaka Declaration recognises the centrality of the OIC as a platform to strengthen mutually beneficial cooperation between the member-states in all important areas, while reaffirming its commitment to “promote the bonds of unity and solidarity”.

Meanwhile, the Bangladesh government has also been commended for providing shelter to these displaced Rohingyas.

The OIC CFM has called for international support for full implementation of the recommendations of Annan Commission for restoring the rights of the Rohingya population in Myanmar.

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