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Madi Jobarteh: Kexx Sanneh and the Police

Kemenseng Sanneh


By Madi Jobarteh

No citizen should be charged with ‘giving false information to a public officer’. The Poliso Magazine has reported that the Police have established that Kexx’s story of kidnapping was false based on their investigations. Hence they should now release Kexx to deal with the consequences of his false reporting of a crime.

By this revelation by the police, it means Kexx has seriously injured his credibility and public image which will impact heavily on his reputation today and in the future. That’s already a heavy burden for a young promising guy like him to address. Until we hear from him to better understand his true circumstances, I wish him good luck to go through this most difficult moment!

The police report is also enough deterrent for anyone else who may choose to falsely report a crime. It shows that one cannot fool the police. Therefore the police may not need to burden themselves with a new case on this matter.

Yes, reasonably it’s should be an offense to report, falsely, a crime to the police. If there is such a particular provision in the Criminal Code then let the police charge him on that particular provision. But not with ‘giving false information to a public officer’.

The former AG Tambadou had said it, and confirmed by the former SG Marenah before the TRRC, that they had decided not to prosecute anyone for the offense of ‘giving false information to a public officer’!

This was a Yaya Jammeh tool intended to undermine or weaken justice and accountability, and intimidate citizens, and allow abuse and impunity to prevail.

Therefore the Police can only continue to detain Kexx if he had or was suspected of committing or about to commit another crime, but not for his false reporting. In that case, as the police continue with their investigation, they should give Kexx either self recognizance, bail, or bail with surety until they can finish their investigation

Therefore I urge the police to release Kexx to deal with the consequences of his actions.

Bravo to the police for urgently addressing this issue.

For The Gambia Our Homeland

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