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Made of failure, bound to failure



By (pen name) Plaudits Kuajbi

Whoever owns the hand that is pulling the strings even if from behind the scenes, is definitely not a patriotic, kindly and conscientious fellow.

Our’s today seems made of failure, laced with gluttony, greed and wanton callousness and scaringly bound for failure. We built this boat together, with our sweat, blood, wealth, and lives. In it we put in our hopes, aspirations, dreams and very modest expectations and bid you sail us to peace, progress and prosperity but here you steer us to land unknown. You lacked not collective will and support both from home and abroad.

Even when you set off shaky we bore patience and prayed you’d steady. But today after more than 600 days you have steered us not to our dreamed island but to an area of murky waters, foul air and dark menacing skies. Our food stock has run dry for what we had gathered has by a few been licked dry. And as if cursed, the heavens have been mean with waters making our vegetation perish in infancy. Our health is failing rapidly and not even the cries of despair by our passionate doctors, got their needed attention.

Now our own die while we watch in helplessness. Our education is at an all-time dismal state and teachers are despaired to the point of taking extended holidays. Our security is outsourced with a peace keeping force, purportedly keeping a peace we never lacked yet yet we are now slowly losing. Crime is on the increase and our people are afraid even when in the confines of their homes.

The workforce that was ready and willing to support you have despaired from neglect, exclusion and blatant nepotism. Even blind patriots have lost any sense of hope and at a loss as to what went amiss. A seemingly quiet and accountable demeanor now seemed engaged in shady deals that affect our collective natural wealth.

A cohort of selfish opportunists surround you in guide of themselves and not you. We ask in wonder what you really achieved for us and like an automated response we hear: we have brought in democracy and freedom of speech after 22 years of of brutal dictatorship. You have today succeeded in making those who drew the yellow card, now gleefully cry out: We told you! Oh! If only you knew what new trouble this is breeding.

Because you gave us freedom and kept everything else to yourself, we are making so much noise that it is further polluting the already scary environment you brought us into. We are hauling insults at each other while you bask at the distraction. We are engrossed in verbal onslaught while you breeze all over the world bringing us shady and painfully binding agreements whilst you quietly collect the perks that severely dwindle our tiny coffers.

I am but only a simple fellow with a small brain with modest desires. I may be wrong in my judgment of failure but if you think I am, please point to me at least 1 destination (promise) that has been so far been successful reached on this journey we all happily undertook.

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