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Leaked Audio: Sainabou Mbye Explains How Baby Muhammed Died


Bubacarr Bob Keita & His Ex Wife Sainabou Mbye.

By Buba Gagigo

Sainabou Mbye, ex-wife of Bubacarr Bob Keita has said that baby Muhammed (son of her sister) was forgotten in a hot car for more three hours resulting in his death; after being taken to two hospitals in the Gambia, and a hospital in Dakar (Senegal).

“Cherno, the two children (Isha and Fatima, the children she has with Bob) and I got off the car. Kibili thought Muhammed has also followed us on the whole he was sleeping inside the car while the door was closed. I got inside the compound and Cherno went with the truck driver to bring some other remaining stuffs. At this time,  Muhammed’s Mother was at home waiting for the truck driver. That’s how Cherno, Kibili and the Truck driver went to bring the remaining stuffs at home. I thought Muhammed went with Cherno, while Cherno also thought he was with us. On the whole the child was in the car, after three hours. 

“When Cherno and Kibili came back, Kibili said he forgot his Mobile phone inside the car. He opened the car and found Muhammed inside. He (Muhammed ) vomited inside the car. I saw him be carried by one of our neighbors , I thought he was dead and i started crying. I told them he is dead, but the  woman told us he is not dead. She told us to pour water on him and take him to the hospital. That’s the time we rushed him to affirmed. Less than one hour, they referred us to Banjul (EFSTH). EFSTH also tried but it kept getting worst. That was the time I suggested to take him to Dakar. He was admitted there. They tried from Monday to Friday that was the time we were informed that he (Muhammed ) passed away,” she explained in the leaked audio.

Mr Keita, 29, has been standing trial for the alleged rape of his former wife’s 15-year-old sister, but he denies any culpability.

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