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Kandeh Thanked Supporters, Partners For Peaceful Election

Hon Mama Kandeh SG & Party GDC

By Buba Gagigo

The Leader of the Gambia Democratic Congress (GDC) Mama Kandeh has expressed thanks and appreciation to his supporters and partners for their support and maintaining peaceful election.

Kandeh’s Gambia Democratic Congress (GDC) is among the political parties that rejected the outcome of presidential election after the independent Electoral Commission (IEC) declared Adama Barrow winner of the election.

“On behalf of the Gambia Democratic Congress (GDC), I wish to express my profound appreciation of the peaceful conduct of the just concluded December 4, 2021 Presidential elections. I must say that, I am highly elated by the maturity and disposition for peace exhibited by Gambians and the attendant peaceful manner in which the process of voting was carried out without any iota of violence.

“I am particularly grateful to all those who in various exceeding ways gave their weight to the GDC during the very tasking campaign period. I therefore wish to extend my gratitude to all the GDC party militants both at home and in the diaspora who worked tirelessly in support of our party; the two independent candidates – Mr. Nyang and Lawyer Assan Martins for their steadfastness in rallying behind our party, the various people involved in the GDC/GAP/APRC-No-Alliance group, the Women’s Wing of the GDC, the youth, and all Gambians and allied friends who expressed their support and solidarity for the GDC during the campaigns, ipso facto, making our campaign-outings a landmark one.

“I also thank the various political parties for their commitment to peace and order throughout the campaign period. I am deeply grateful to all religious leaders, civil society groups, organizations and individuals who preached the message of peace ahead of the Presidential elections. Very importantly, I must thank the members of the Gambian security force, especially, the Inspector-General of Police. I wish to specially note that the PIU team that was attached to our party during the campaign period did a great job as they carried out their duties in a very professional and brilliant manner. Indeed, and in truth, they did a very wonderful job.

“I wish to reassure all Gambians that we of the GDC will continue to work towards a peaceful Gambian society in line with our mission and mandate of, ‘One Gambia, One People,” the statement reads.

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