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How Barrow subtly ends the 3-year debate


In a meeting with Muslim leaders in Banjul on Friday, President Adama Barrow, has urged Gambians to come together and avoid behaviors that can divide the people.

The Gambian leader said until 2021 when the people will go back to the polls, politics has ended and that people must leave the past behind.

“Politics has ended… Gambians have chosen who they wanted to choose… We have to work together until 2021 when we will go to polls to elect someone else,” Barrow said.

Barrow came to power on a 3-year agreement between him and his coalition stakeholders. The coalition comprised of seven parties and an independent candidate.

He has since said his decision to resign after 3 years will depend of the Gambian people.

Meanwhile, in response to concerns raised by Alieu Mboge, the secretary general of Banjul Muslim Elders, the Gambian leader also criticized peddlers of false news on social media.

“There are people who are only interested in negative news… They are in the minority…,” he said.

Barrow also talked on the importance of democracy in the development of a country but also harp on its challenges.

“Dictatorship is the easiest system of governance… You just have to use force to silence your opponents and critics… Whoever criticizes and put the person aside… It is very easy,” he said.

“However, democracy which is the most efficient governance system, is the most difficult one also. With democracy, everyone will learn.”

The president’s meeting with religious leaders on every Muslim festivities is a traditional event in Gambia since colonial days.

Other speakers include Lamin Dibba, the minister of Lands and Regional Governments, Cherno Kah, the Imam Ratib of Banjul and Momodou Lamin Touray, the president of the Supreme Islamic Council.

Dibba urged the religious leaders to maintain their independence at all times regardless of circumstances.


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