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Hon. Kebba Lang Fofana Calls For The Arrest Of ‘No To Alliance’ For Giving Jammeh A Platform

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Hon. Kebba Lang Fofana, Nominated National Assembly Member.

By Ramatoulie Jawo 

Nominated National Assembly Member, Kebba Lang Fofona, has on Thursday, December 22, 2022, called for the arrest of the group that gave former president, Yaya Jammeh, a platform to address Gambians.

“The group that gave former president Yaya Jammeh a platform should be arrested. You don’t allow an individual to openly tell you that, I am coming to overthrow your government. That is a threat.

“There is no greater security threat than that and we all think he is joking? That is why he ruled this country for 22years because you never take him serious. When he talk you think he is a fool. Yaya Jammeh is not a fool. Call him wicked? he is, call him a dictator? he is, but stupid and a fool he is not. Let us not be fooled again,” he said.

He said its disheartening to see a group of people in this country give the former president a platform while the National Assembly and the security apparatus are all silent about it;

“It’s disheartening to see Yaya Jammeh speak to Gambians, telling them I will come back to Gambia and I will rule you again. How can Yaya Jammeh rule us again? If it is not a coup, how can he rule us? Are we going to vote for him?” He ask.

He added that, “Yaya Jammeh is having his people among us who are doing his bidding openly and we are silent about it. Where in this World will you see a ruler who ruled with a iron fist for 22 years, who jailed some people, make others homeless and widows  and still now, that country is allowing that man to have a platform were he promote his agenda and we are here trying to be surprised about the attempted coup? why should we be surprised?”

It could be recalled that the Former president Yahya Jammeh, via a telephone call, last week addressed a spot meeting organized by the No to Alliance wing of the APRC in Diabugu, Upper River Region (URR), in which he told his audience that he will returned and rule the Gambia again.

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