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Hon. Gibba Remains Critical Of ECOMIG Forces Serving In Gambia

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Hon Almameh Gibba
Member of Parliament for Foni Kansala constituency

By Buba Gagigo

The Member of Parliament for Foni Kansala constituency, Hon Almameh Gibba, has renewed his criticism of the ECOMIG Forces taking charge of security at State House.

He described the Gambia’s security aspect as “zero” given the existence of the forces at the presidency, and a particular part of the country (Foni).

“The Gambia is an independent country. As you know, the security aspect of the country is zero as we speak. The internal security of the Presidency is in the hands of foreigners in all corners of the Gambia. Again, a particular territory (Foni) has beengiven that mandate for full occupancy for six years.

“Currently, we fought, raised our voices, independently discussed, put it to the table, defence and security to adhere to it, but it’s zero showing. Because today, we all know what presidency is all about. We all know the importance of a president in your country,” he said.

Honourable Gibba alleged that Gambians would not be safe, as long as the security of the country remains in hands of the ECOMIG forces. 

“Ifpeople who are close to you are in the hands of foreigners. Are we going as a country? People are not safe even in their own houses. Even our own armed forces do not have vehicles. I am telling you there is no police vehicle from Kalaji down to Banjulinding. Soldiers will be parading moving, even their own food is a problem, breakfast will come at 2pm, lunch 7pm, and dinner midnight,” he concluded.

The Foni Kansala MP made these remarks in his interview with Kerr Fatou, while reacting to President Adama Barrow’s State of the Nation Address on Thursday.

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