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GFF President Clashes With Third Vice President

GFF President Lamin Kaba Bajo & 3rd Vice President Gen. Lang Tombong Tamba


By Buba Gagigo

The Gambia Football Federation President Lamin Kabba Bajo clashed with his Third Vice President Lang Tombong Tamba on Wednesday.

The duo clashed over a letter that Lang said was supposed to be sent to the Sports Minister and National Sports Council subject to a decision taken at their [GFF] executive meeting on Saturday. 

“Good morning to you all, [a] decision was taken on our Saturday meeting that a letter should be sent to the Ministry [of Sports] and the National Sports Council to express our disappointment of a committee to coordinate the road to Cameroon. Today is Wednesday and nothing is being heard. Decisions of the executive body must be respected otherwise be told why the delay?” Vice President Tamba said on the GFF executive WhatsApp page.

In a dramatic response, President Bajo said in a leaked audio obtained by this medium: “Third Vice President, may I please remind you that it is not the responsibility of the President to write letters on decisions of the exco [executive], if at all you know that. In case you don’t, please be informed accordingly.

“Secondly, may I inform you [that] you are fighting a futile battle and following a useless cause. No amount of attempts will undermine my leadership. Your recent conducts and direct talks on my person will again run into [the] drain. I advise you [to] join the line of unity; commitment and loyalty to the team to enable us [to] achieve our collective responsibility and objectives. Can you clearly see that you are alone in your non-existence war with me and everyone?” 

The President further said he has seized all contacts and dealings with the third vice president either officially or personally.

At that juncture, Mr Ebou Faye, the GFF Second Vice President  intervened and asked the duo to stop the argument and sort things out.

Lang Tombong Tamba is the third Vice President of the Gambia football Federation under the leadership of Lamin Kabba Bajo who is the current president of the federation.

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